Blade Dropoff/Pickup Instructions:

I have a bank of six lockers outside on my patio for your convenience.

Available lockers will be unlocked and have a combination lock inside. Lift up on the handle to open the locker.

Remove the lock, place your blades inside, and lock the locker.

Text your name, locker number, and any special instructions to 864-617-5477.

I’ll retrieve your blades, inspect them, and send you a message with the total price before starting work. Most orders will be completed in 24-48 hours. If your order is time sensitive, reach out to me ahead of time and I can give you a more specific timeframe.

Once your blades are sharp, I’ll message you with the locker number and combination for pickup. To unlock the locker line up the combination across the bottom of the lock and push in on the shackle to release it. If you are paying with cash or a check, you can leave your payment inside the locker. You will need to scramble the combination in order to close the lock. If you're paying with Paypal or Venmo, the payment account information and Venmo QR code are posted on the outside of locker #3.