I charge a flat $1 per inch of bade (cutting edge) with a $5 minimum per knife regardless of whether or not the edge is straight or serrated. I cannot sharpen micro serrations typically seen on some steak knives.

If you have questions about a particular knife, feel free to text (864-617-5477) or email me a picture (

Double edge daggers - please contact me ahead of time with a picture for a quote.

Axes and Hatchets

Lawn Mower Blades


Do you need help removing the blade? I'm happy to help, but please contact me ahead of time. I work a full time job with an irregular schedule in addition to my sharpening work so we'll have to coordinate a time for you to come by.

$5 for a standard ax/hatchet/maul

$10 for a double headed ax


If you have a different type of blade that you need sharpened that's not listed here, please let me know on my contact page. I'm wanting to eventually be a one stop shop for all kinds of sharpening, but want to expand slowly and intentionally as I can get the needed equipment and gain proficiency. I'm keeping a record of the requests to gauge need and plan future expansion.